*FAR from a complete list. Mixture of active and defunct. Get in touch if you’d like your band listed here!

-2 face 4 refused, dillinger escape plan, etc.

-all heart defunct pop punk band that had a demo, ep, full length, a west coast tour, full US tour, and japan tour under their belt before calling it a day. 

-behave yourself posi hardcore. FFO: good clean fun, h2o

-die slow if american nightmare were way tougher. 

-fracture melodic hardcore reminiscent of killing the dream and pianos become the teeth.

-host FFO: earth crisis, turmoil, soul search. wear loosely fitting mosh shorts.

-iLL stance no warning, backtrack, forfeit type shit. pit.

-Makua Valley Blast Test

-oceans deep hardcore a la comeback kid, american nightmare, suicide file with no shortage of pile ons and mosh parts

-out of bounds bouncy hardcore riffs for days.

-pharaohs if converge and deafheaven had a baby that was better than their parents and moshed way harder.

-siblings circle pit hc punk with breakdowns and blastbeats. punch a wall of bricks.

-sleep, talk the illest hip hop.

-thanks harDCore in the vein of swiz, the faith, void.

-throat punch

-tunnel vision hawai'i straight edge.

-we battle on

-young gods zany hardcore punk inspired by bands like mental, and righteous jams.



808 scene 

ditch life  

downbeat lounge 

failed orbit records 

flying coffin 

the manifest 

no love 

sweet vision



hawaiipunkmuseum my 9th grade history teacher David Carr run's this website. i failed his class. the name of the website is somewhat self explanatory. this website is nothing but deep cuts. promoter that has hosted dozens of shows both local and very large mainland acts over the past 20 years. great selection of flyers from past shows as well as an upcoming show calendar. Jason Miller of 808shows' record label showcasing local punk bands.